To ensure product performance throughout their use and therefore the safety of the user, the European regulations sets 2 levels for the verification of the PPE:

  1. st level of verification, the standard EN365: 2004 (§ 4.2.2.l) states that before use of PPE it must be checked visually by the user;
  2. nd level of verification, the standard EN 365: 2004 (§ 4.4.b) states that PPE against falls from height must have been inspected within last twelve months prior to its use by the manufacturer or a competent person.

For this verification, which must be saved on the inspection card of the product (present in the product manuals of KRATOS SAFETY), we offer you the following possibilities:

  • service in our factory;
  • habilitation for periodic inspection;
  • habilitation for the maintenance of PPE;
  • the availability of our authorized service center.


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