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Tool lanyards

KRATOS SAFETY is a brand well-known for protecting Man at work, against falls from height.
Mindful of the risks that could affect men at their workplace, we have developed a complete range of accessories for holding any kind of tools that could accidentally fall and cause damage to goods, or serious physical injuries, or even the workers death.
Indeed, the leading cause of death of workers at their workplace is the fall from height, and the second cause of death is due to the fall of an object on a worker.
The fall of a work tool also includes the risk of breaking the tool, damaging side goods (which can have serious consequences in terms of cost), as well as losing time when it is necessary to leave workstation to get the tool back.
When the fall of an object cannot be avoided (safety nets, containment area,...), in that case our S-Tools System range must be used.

Tool lanyards

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