A harness is a body support system intended to stop falls and keep the user in the best conditions while awaiting the rescue.
The attachment points are static strength> 15 kN.


A work positioning belt is a device that allows a user to be held in a position having hands free.
The attachment points are static strength> 15 kN.



  A work positioning belt must not be used as a fall arrest device.

Use:Simple harness, harness with work jacket, harness with belt, suspension harness,… the most important thing is finally to choose the equipment according to the job and taking into account the work environment

Selecting one's harness properly entails asking the right questions:

1) Which size do I need? How heavy am I? 

Size: The chart hereunder indicates the body's measures.

For the wearing of a harness over clothing, the harness'adjustments allow to obtain the right size.

* Values given as an indication only. May fit slightly smaller or taller heights. All values expressed in cms.

2) Which attachments do I need?

Attachments points:

1 ou 2 points daccrochage.jpg1 ou 2 points daccrochage antichute & 2
With 1 or 2 attachment
points (dorsal and sternal)
With 1 or 2 attachment
points + 2 work positioning
points (lateral)
With 1 or 2 attachment
points + 2 work positioning
points + 1 suspension point (ventral

3) What is my work situation? Do I work in a specific environment?

Cherry pickerWork station prevention
Inclined planConfined space
Horizontal planDouble rope descent
Work station holdingDoor Frame Work
Fixed ladderRescue - Evacuation
Lattice metallic structure

4) How frequently do I use my harness?

Occasional useRegular useFrequent useIntensive use

These criteria as selection guides for your harness are clearly indicated next to all harnesses in the following pages.

KRATOS SAFETY also offers you some separable components (Suspension trauma strap, saddle work, back padded , ....) that allow you to accessorize your harness to suit your needs.