EN 365 ( §4.2.2.e) :When working at heights the intervening company must establish a risk prevention plan that necessarily includes "a rescue plan (...) to cope with any emergency that may arise during labor”.

Use :

  • ROPE ACCESS: Technical progress on rope when conventional access methods can't be used.


How to choose ?
The rope access requires high-performance equipment adapted to the situation. First and foremost, it is important to analyze the movements to be done because they will determine if the products chosen must allow an ascent, a descent, or both.

In addition to the products chosen, don't forget:

  • The harness, it should include a ventral point (located at the lowest possible) to facilitate movement ;
  • The anchor points.

Finally, for all these techniques, the product use training is ESSENTIAL (89/655/EC Art.7 & 2001/45/EC App. ll §4.4.f).


Rope access (up and down).png
Rope access
(up and down)