“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" (Antoine de St Exupéry)




Our commitments

Our job: Develop life of men at work! We care about this every day with all our professionalism, because it is no more acceptable that men and
women should put their lives at risk by coming to work.

But how can we not now be engaged in an equally important issue, that of ecology. In KRATOS SAFETY, we are aware that we can't do everything
in terms of ecology. In this area we must remain humble, but we can't accept in return not to participate in this cause.

Our commitments to ecology are at different levels:

  • sorting waste and getting them recycled them by industry professionals, effective treatment of effluents;
  • using cleaning products from organic production;
  • reducing use of paper (not printing routine e-mails and printing on both sides);
  • using "green " ink as much as possible (eco-printing);
  • reducing use of plastics in the packaging of our products;
  • we invite you to participate with us in this cause by using clean packaging materials with bags in natural cotton or jute.