EN355 :

The energy absorbing lanyards allow to absorbs the energy of fall by tearing of specific webbings or sewings. Maximal length for a
energy absorbing lanyard : 2 m including connectors. Breaking strength > 15 kN


Lanyards without the energy absorber should never be used as a fall arrest system.


Use: To be used only for a work requiring limited movement and where the distance under the feet of the user is sufficient (see Clearance).The forked energy absorbing lanyards are designed to be used for passing intermediate anchor points.

Trades : Construction, Worker on building, Steel construction, Scenic, Scaffolder.


How to choose?

12 mm twisted rope

30 mm webbing

12 mm kernmantle rope

44 mm expandable webbing

12 mm special sharp edges kernmantle rope

FA 30 000 45 (45 mm) 
To be used occasionally and/or for short-term use

FA 30 000 35 (35 mm)
To be used regularly and/or for long-term use


Whatever type of lanyard or energy absorber, the performances are identical, so it is above all a personal choice, but it must be based on the intensity of use.

  • When choosing the product it is necessary to take into account the importance of connectors (see page 66).


KRATOS SAFETY launches Energy Absorbing Lanyards tested as per VG 11 from PPE Directive 89/686/EEC

KRATOS SAFETY makes it easier for you to pick the right Energy Absorbing Lanyard tested with all the components of connecting elements in combination, as faced in actual usage.

The VG 11 procedure allows to ensure the breaking strenght of the components (hooks and rope) and their assembly without fearing the breakage of any of the elements.

KRATOS SAFETY Forked Lanyards are also subjected to the special 3-point testing as laid down in the VG 11 Procedure to make the lanyards extra safe for use.

Minimum breaking strenght > 9kN at the 3 ends of the forked lanyard.

Fall indicator label:
Before each use, inspect your energy absorbing lanyard.
If the "NOT OK" sign is visible on the label, this means your device has arrested a fall and should not be reused. Please replace it by a compliant one.

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