Working height is dangerous. If your protection is not sufficient or not properly used, the risk of falling can be fatal.

Against each of these risks, there is a KRATOS SAFETY solution

Having an integrated industrial base of raw material from base to the finished product, a laboratory certified, designers and technicians, the KRATOS SAFETY range is made to satisfy the requirements of European standards and the expectations of comfort and ergonomic of the users to their workstations.
Based on its commitments  "safety for life" (importance of the human life at work), KRATOS SAFETY is a provider focused on innovation, value creation, quality overtime, expertise in design and manufacturing.
We believe that safety is a priority in all work environments in height.
So comfort and ergonomic are essential for us: a more comfortable Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E) will always be worn better and consequently the user will be better protected.

KRATOS SAFETY, teamwork !
We work closely with users to:
- Answer your questions,
- Provide you the information such as technical manual, certificate of compliance;
- Develop training programs corresponding to your needs and your business;
- Consider your suggestions for improvements regarding our products or services.
KRATOS SAFETY at your services