We remind you that training for usage of personal protective equipment is REQUIRED. Indeed there is no use having the best personal protective equipment if we do not know how to use it.



Our job is to enhance the life of men at work. That is why we are here to guide you in choosing the most appropriate PPE to your work situation but also to support you in their uses.


As responsible professionals we can provide and personalize all training on various topics :

  • introduction to works at height;
  • certification for periodic inspection (competent person);
  • certification for the maintenance of PPE;
  • use of PPE in roof work,Use of PPE in confined spaces;
  • use of PPE in ladder climbing, rescue, etc;
  • training Facility vertical systems;
  • customized Training.


For each course we will explore with you:

  • the educational objectives, (prerequisites, profiles, possibilities );
  • the program of training (duration, location, training plan, evaluation).


And we will provide:

  • the training materials in a support of your choice (if necessary);
  • an individualized training certificate.


When human life is involved, do not hesitate to invest in training to: prevent risks and to ensure the safety of people at work.

To ensure product performance throughout their use and therefore the safety of the user, the European regulations sets 2 levels for the verification of the PPE:

  1. st level of verification, the standard EN365: 2004 (§ 4.2.2.l) states that before use of PPE it must be checked visually by the user;
  2. nd level of verification, the standard EN 365: 2004 (§ 4.4.b) states that PPE against falls from height must have been inspected within last twelve months prior to its use by the manufacturer or a competent person.

For this verification, which must be saved on the inspection card of the product (present in the product manuals of KRATOS SAFETY), we offer you the following possibilities:

  • service in our factory;
  • habilitation for periodic inspection;
  • habilitation for the maintenance of PPE;
  • the availability of our authorized service center.

We are here to help you, feel free to contact us!